Kitchen Cleaning Has Never Been Easier.

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Divermite is the established market leader. Its unique, patented design delivers unrivaled benefits in the areas of safety, simplicity, performance and cost control. The packaging dramatically reduces waste and is 100% recyclable. Divermite requires no plumbing or electrical connections. Fit the system in a location that suits you. Suitable for filling trigger bottles, buckets or sinks.


Reduce cost

  • Divermite combines the use of highly concentrated product formulations with accurate dosing to deliver the maximum in efficiency and cleaning performance.
  • Controlled dosing means controlled and predictable costs.
  • The pack design ensures there is no product waste and the use of reusable trigger bottles offers significant savings in packaging, providing excellent cost in use.


Minimize training 

  • Divermite is extremely easy to use – simple and logical, its design reduces staff training to a minimum
  • The dosing equipment is color coded for easy staff identification
  • The sprayers are also key coded to avoid any chemical mix ups


Maximize your safety

  • Divermite concentrated pouches deliver excellent safety
  • The liquid product is completely sealed, eliminating contact with the product when changing packs
  • The pouches are lightweight, ideal for manual handling
  • The pouches leave no waste chemical and can therefore be disposed of safely, again without product contact


Reduce the environmental impact

  • The use of concentrated product formulations and portion control reduces both the amount of chemical released to the environment by up to 68% compared to manually diluted products
  • An 80% reduction in plastic weight is achieved compared to traditional 5 L containers
  • Divermite minimizes environmental impact and maximizes savings on waste disposal


At Diversey we continually strive to reduce environmental impact. Divermite is just one innovation that achieves considerable environmental reduction when compared to traditional systems.