Quattro Select
It’s The System That Does It All!

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Benefits of the Quattro Select Dispensing System

Reduces Work Place Hazards

Quattro Select from Diversey is a highly efficient wall-mounted system for medium to larger sites. The lockable cabinet is accommodating up to four product concentrate pouches and a 100% safe dilution guarantees that employees will not get into contact with the concentrated chemicals.

Diversey Dilution System Quattro Select in use

Accurate & Consistent Dilutions

The unit is designed for multiple users and different product requirements and allows easy and safe filling of trigger sprays, buckets and scrubber driers. Always the right dilution rate at optimal filling speed is delivered, this prevents for unnecessary re-work due to over or under dosing. Colour coded concentrated products and auxiliaries makes the user training simple and easy and all together improves significantly the efficiency.

Diversey Quattro Select Concentrated Dilution Pouch


Environmentally Sound & Cost Effective

Two 2.5 L Quattro Select pouches are capable of delivering up to 2,500 L of the same product in ready to use format. This means savings from transporting and storing the product and also less packaging waste, so kinder for the environment and improves the sustainable footprint. Additionally all required daily cleaning product concentrates to clean washrooms, surfaces and floors are certified with the EU-Ecolabel, meeting the newest criteria.