Delivering a Dose of Perfection.

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Delivering Better Cost Control Than Any Other Dosing System. 

Our SmartDose bottle technology allows you to easily and accurately dose concentrated cleaning products. The bottle minimizes unwanted contact with concentrated cleaning products with an anti-drip spout and Spill-Tite sonically-welded head. Automatically calculates two precise doses of concentrate, allowing accurate dilution and enhancing cleaning performance. The ergonomic design enhances comfort and ease-of-use. With an ultra portable bottle it goes wherever you go, simply select the appropriate dosing icon, pull up the pump once, then push the knob down to dispense the accurate amount of concentrated cleaner.

Diversey Smart Dose Safe Detergent Dosing System


  • Minimal training needed 
  • Easy to understand icons 
  • No water hook-up required 
  • Maintenance-free system 



  • Minimal user exposure to chemicals 
  • No dangerous refilling 
  • Drip and spill resistant package 



  • Calculates correct dosage for bottle, bucket, autoscrubber and toilet applications 
  • Eliminates guesswork or the use of complicated calculations 
  • Prevents partial dosing 
  • Helps control costs 
  • 100% recyclable, simply toss the SmartDoseTM/MC bottle into the recycling when finished.