Focus On Your Food & Guests, We Support Your Hygiene

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Achieve Greater Results With Effective, Concentrated And Easy To Use Solutions All At Optimal Cost In Use


  • Simple, easy- to-use and train solutions
  • Application support and training
  • Expert solutions for food preparation areas
  • Minimum storage with concentrated products


Unique systems for any size of operation.


Portable SolutionsDiversey ExpressSingle used packets, cleaning tools and online training
 OptifillUnique maintenance free, manual ware washing and final sink sanitising dilution control system for accurate dosing
 SmartDoseSimple, accurate & maintenance free dosing system with concentrated products in 2 different shot sizes, making it suitable for bottle, bucket, machine and sink filling
 AccumixBuilt-in accurate measuring spout
 J-Flex / RTDA ready-to-dispense dispensing system of concentrated products, water-connected via a standard hose connector
 J-FillConcentrated products with patented in-cartridge metering and spill-tight closure
 Suma CaféGreat tasting coffee starts with a clean machine - a complete range of cleaning products for all types of coffee machines
Wall Mounted SolutionsDivermiteSystem that combines the use of highly concentrated products with accurate dosing, without the need for water or electricity
 Diverflow with SurelinkWater connected system with innovative cap-lock & mechanical bottle lock-out to ensure correct product placement, delivering consistent dilution of its concentrated products
 SinkMizerWall mounted dispensing system for 3 compartment sinks
 TimeMizerWall mounted spray dispensing system for cleaning & sanitizing food contact surfaces
 Suma SafePackHigh quality bag-in-box system for liquid detergents with "lock and key" connection preventing product contact & spillages
Kitchen Tools Superior results with Diversey´s range of cleaning tools